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Travel Rules

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Travel Rules

There are many different places to visit and explore here on Divinity Quest. Each continent has its own variation of areas just waiting to be explored, not to mention you can make your way to each of the five continents and explore them as well. There are a few different ways to get from one area to the next. In order to get from one area to the next or to go from one continent to another there is a wordcount requirement to get from your starting point to your destination. In this section of the rules we will talk about the different ways you are allowed to travel and the wordcount needed to get from point A to point B. The first and most obvious way of travel is to walk. The next way is to purchase or tame a 'mount' which is a creature you can ride from one place to another. The third way is to fly which there are a few different variations of that we will go into below. The fourth way to travel, and probably the most common way of moving from one continent to the next, is by boat. Finally, the last method of travel is to use 'portals' or some other method of teleportation. I will go into detail about each of these transportation methods below in different sections.


Walking is probably the most common method of travel here on Divinity Quest and as such will be the easiest to explain. When walking from one area to another that is next to each other on the same continent you will have to write 200 words depicting your travel. An additional 100 words will be needed when going from one area to another that is not right next to each other for each area in between. This means that if Ban were to walk from the Eastern Plateau of Thea to the Metal Mines of Thea it would take him a total of 400 words to reach his destination since there were two areas in between his starting location and his destination. When walking with other people, the total wordcount goes up by 150 for each person but the total wordcount is split evenly among the travelers. This means that if Ban were to go from the Western Plateau of Thea to the Thean Mountains it would take him 200 words to finish his journey since the locations are next to each other on the map. However, if Ban were to travel the same route with Sammy, it would take a total of 350 words to reach their destination which would mean both Ban and Sammy would have to type 175 words each in order to get to the Thean Mountains. The downside to walking is that you will be unable to use this method of travel to get from one continent to the next or reach areas that specify the need of flight in order to reach.


Mounts are any creature that you have bought or tamed that is big enough for you to ride on. This can be anything from a horse or sabertooth tiger to something like a dragon or even the mechanical mounts built by the gnomes. When using a mount to go from one location to another it halves the word count needed to get there. This means that if you are using a mount and want to go from the Eastern Plateau of Thea to the Metal Mines of Thea it would take 200 words to reach your destination instead of the normal 400 words it would take if you were walking. Some mounts may have a special ability listed on their registration sheet that allows the word count to be lessened even further but this will be a rare ability. The same rules for traveling with companions while walking are applied to travel with mounts so long as everyone in the party has a mount to ride. Sharing mounts is allowed if your mount is large enough to carry more than one person. For example a sabertooth can only carry one person but a medium or large sized dragon could carry 4 people or more.


Yes that's right, flying is actually a thing here on Divinity Quest. There are 3 ways flight is available on Divinity Quest. The first way would be the use of a spell, skill, item or feat that gives your character the ability to fly. The second would be to tame a creature that can fly and is big enough to ride. Flying mounts will not be sold however, and the only way to acquire one is to tame or befriend them. The third way to fly is by using an airship. Airships can carry one or more people depending on their size. When flying from one area to another it will take 1/4 the word count as it would to cover the same distance walking since generally flying is much faster than walking or using a mount that cannot travel through the air. Again, the same companion rules that walking has will apply to traveling by flight. This is only allowed if everyone in your party has some method of flight from the methods listed above. Again mounts and airships can carry more than one person depending on their size. Flying is also a viable method for traveling from one continent to another. If you are flying from one continent to another it halves the required wordcount to travel to another continent using a boat, which I will get into in the next section.


Traveling by boat is the most common way of getting from one continent to another. You can either build, purchase, or steal a boat in order to use it. Boats vary in size from one small enough to only carry one person to one large enough to carry a party of 10 people safely. When traveling from one continent to a continent right next to it, you must complete 1,000 words depicting your journey. For every continent in between your starting location and your destination you will need to write another 200 words. This means that going from Thea to Imira will cost 1,000 words to arrive, but traveling from Thea to Veivrune will cost 1,400 words since there are two continents in between your starting location and your final destination. When traveling from one continent to the next with companions it will add 100 words for each companion you travel with but the total words will be divided evenly among the travelers. This means that if you were to travel from Thea to Veivrune with a total of 5 people including yourself, the total required word count would be 1,800 words divided among 5 people. This means that each of you would have to write 360 words in order to reach your destination. Now certain boats may lessen the required word count to travel but again this will be a rare ability and will be listed on the boat's creation sheet.


Using portals or other forms of teleportation is the rarest form of travel on Divinity Quest. The use of portals or other forms of teleportation is a limited ability and will be monitored. When using a method of teleportation you MUST know where it is you are teleporting to. This means that even if you do have some method of teleportation you must have visited the area or continent you wish to teleport to or else you will not be allowed to teleport to that location. If you have visited the desired location before than teleporting is a way to travel to that location instantly without a word count requirement. Mind you teleportation is a rare and powerful magic and all aspects of teleportation will be monitored for abuse. When teleporting you still need to make a thread and post teleporting to the location you're going, there just isn't a wc requirement for travel and you get there instantly.


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