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Stat Rules

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[2:01:50 AM] cℓαυ∂ια - เl๏שєย:
Statistic System

Statistic Translation:


1 AGI = +1 = 1 second every 3 feet.
1 STR = +1 = +1 ATK PWR
1 INT = +1 = +2 SPL PWR & 4 Maximum Mana
1 STA = +1 = 4 Maximum Energy
1 CON = +1 = +10 HP
1 WIS = +1 = +1 Skill Memory/0.5 SPL DEF


The statistic system here is very simple and easy to follow.


Every 1 Agility means your character can move 3 feet per second. This means if you run 30 feet, it would take your character 10 seconds to reach their destination. The maximum amount of Agility allowed is 500.


Every 1 Strength grants +1 Attack Power when attacking with a weapon, or when engaged melee combat. This means, for example, if you were to have a +30 Strength statistic, a punch would deal 30 Damage if successful. However, if you were to be wielding a sword that has a damage level of 45, your damage would instead be 45 (Wpn) + 30 (Str) = 75 Total Damage if successful. The maximum amount of strength allowed is 400.


Every 1 Intellect grants you +2 Spell Power, and +4 Maximum Mana. This would mean if you have 10 Intellect, your spells would do +20 Spell Damage; and you would have a Maximum Mana of 40. Lets say you use a fireball with a Spell Damage of 8 with 10 Intellect. You would instead deal 8 (Spl) + 20 (Int) = 28 Spell Damage if successful. The maximum amount of Intellect allowed is 350.


Every 1 Stamina grants you +4 Maximum Energy. If you were to have 18 Stamina, you would have 72 Maximum Energy to use during your topics. Throughout your topic energy expelled will not be replenished until done so through the use of an effect, potion, ability or third-party ability. This same rule applies to Mana. The maximum amunt of Stamina allowed is 350.


Every 1 Constitution grants you +10 Health Points. If you were to have 100 Constitution, you would have 1,000 Health Points. To achieve maximum efficiency in hand to hand combat, practitioners of Constitution also carry a natural physical defense similar to how Wisdom grants Spell Defense. A character with the same 100 Consitution (and 1,000 Health Points), would also have 50 Physical Defense rating, meaning it would automatically deduct 50 Physical Damage from any attack that comes into contact with your character. Dealing with weapons is slightly different. Your Physical Defense rating is equal to half of your total constitution rounded up. When going against a weapon instead of reducing damage equal to your Physical Defense rating it gives you a natural defense against edged weapons such as swords, maces or arrows. Here is a table to determine damage dealt by edged weapons using the Physical Defense rating:

Damage Double PDR: Will slice clean through body part instantly
Damage Equal to 20 over PDR: Will slice through body part leaving jagged rough edges
Damage equal to PDR(Physical Defense Rating): will cut 3/4 through body part
Damage Equal to 10 less than PDR: will slice halfway through body part
Damage equal to 20 less than PDR: will slice 1/4 through body part
Damage equal to 30 less than PDR or more: Will leave a shallow cut

For example, if you have 100 Constitution you will have a PDR of 50. If a sword that does 100 damage slices your bare arm it will slice clean through, severing your arm. If someone with the same PDR has their arm sliced by a sword with 20 damage it will simply leave a shallow cut on the arm. This is for your physical body without any armor. Armor has it's own defense rating(ADR or Armor Defense Rating) that acts in the same way, determining how far an edged weapon will cut through the piece of armor. However, some unique armor may carry SDR (Spell Defense Rating), which behaves the same way, but provides defense against Spells and Physical attacks as well. The maximum amount of Constitution allowed is 500.


Every 1 Wisdom grants you +1 Skill Memory and 0.5 Spell Defense rating. Skill Memory is basically how many skills total your character can know at any given time. A character with 30 Wisdom will be able to know 30 Spells or Skills at any given time. Feats are not included in this list. Because every living being has a natural weakness and susceptibility to magic, they have also developed somewhat of a shield by improving their faith through Wisdom. A character with the same 30 Wisdom (and Skill Memory), would also have 15 Spell Defense rating, meaning it would automatically deduct 15 Spell Damage from any spell that comes into contact with your character. The maximum amount of Wisdom allowed is 400.

Every level gained for your character grants you 5 Statistic Points to spend freely. Statistic Points cannot be gained any other way except Leveling-Up, Feats, powerful Skills/Spells and Equipment (Armor, Weapons, etc.).


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