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World History

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~ World History ~

The world is young, and planet Earth has only recently developed its now five large land masses, surrounded by what seems to be bioluminescent due to the unique underwater aquatic creatures that swim around the literal forests which sprout from beneath a roaring ocean. What little islands are present are mostly mountainous peaks with small surrounding black or classic-sandy beaches, hosting what looks like a very unique plantlife, a large palm-like tree which grows a berry which increases spiritual energy flow and promotes a connection to nature on an empathic level for a short time. These are known as Sutakinomi, or energy berries.

Every day or so, hundreds of them wash up on the shores of each continent. The ferocity of nature often takes its toll on what tribes and clans have managed to unite and form pacts. Those that haven't struggle for survival on their own, and face death around every corner from giant primordial creatures, snakes that swallow adults whole, or even the soaring dragons seen floating aloof in the sky. On Théa, there has already been recorded extensive warfare between two clans; a notoriously brutal Orcish clan now living in the Northern Peninsula of Théa known as the Kaluatha, or Drinkers of Blood, and a powerful nature-magic based Human clan residing on its Southern Peninsula, the Kharnzhia, or, Children of Enia.

Imira has had little to no civilization-based warfare, only economic and food-related issues, as well as clothing limitations. Nhileria has recorded reports of tribes struggling against the extremely aggressive and overwhelming wildlife which has overtaken the jungled forests. Veivrune's populace has become one of the engineering pioneers of the New World, having developed a unique Sand-Sail Boat that allows them to ride the endless dunes with ease, combining it with fire magic spellcasters to fend off oncoming attackers that may give chase. Draconia is basking in a certain glowing embrace of peace between mankind and dragon-kind. Chronogosa has shown no sign of breaking the peace treaty, and neither has the human population that lives on the surrounding coastlines and in the forests around the infamous Dragon's Ravine. This world is a new one, and awaiting anyone brave enough to tackle it.

~ The Five Major Continents ~

Théa: Théa is a rather super-massive continent, holding a chain of mountains that stretches over four hundred miles up the center of its land mass, split by two beautiful and flat plateaus, covered by a canopy of gorgeous jungle-like trees and plant-life. The environment here is very rainy and damp, and has regular monsoon seasons. On occasions, usually bi-weekly, the environment shifts to a more hot, beach-like tolerance, which allows the plant and wildlife to evolve in a very regulated manner.

Within these forests bare caves which hold the unique metals Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel, Niobium and Chromium. In the forests themselves, advanced wildlife springs from every direction, the rarest and strongest creature of the continent being the Ikitora, or Spirit Tiger, an extremely large breed of passive-aggressive cat nearly three times the size of an adult lion, whose stripes glow bright blue, and whose teeth and four signature horns are said to be capable of enhancing ones magic power exponentially. Such bloodshed has spilled here that even some select plant species have developed red appearance qualities by using blood as a resource for growth.
Native Clans: ~

Imira: Imira is a very unique continent, an almost perfectly round plateau, with a natural mountainous defensive wall that has formed over the course of hundreds of years. It is said that those who dwell here came from the sky, as there is currently no other way out of the continent other than what seems to be by soaring over the nearly three mile high volcanic mountains which encircle it. The borders of the village covered by ash, 1/4 inland, beautiful tapestries of green, and the further inland traveled, the colder and more snow-based the environment gets, even to the point of -50 degrees Fahrenheit at the very center of Imira, which holds a now frozen over supervolcano, its magma release process being halted by the ever-cold temperatures which now blister its surface.

Because air-based predators have been capable of evolving and hunting wildlife on the ground level, and those creatures on the ground level being defended by the falling ash or falling snow, both creatures have managed to evolve uniquely and efficiently, such as the Shadus whose hide can withstand subzero temperatures and provide defense against nature, or the Kar'thum, a massive predatory bird much like a legendary dragon, who spews natural napalm from his mouth and cuts foes into pieces with his giant talons. When flying, this beasts tail bursts into flames, leaving trails of fire and smoke in its wake. It is said that a rook of these creatures lives at the peak of Caldara, which is the supervolcano in the center of the continent.
Native Clans: ~

Nhileria: Nhileria is a rather dark and shadowy continent, the majority of its flat borders and sandy beaches being covered completely by an extremely thick canopy of oddly shaped trees that seem to twist and bend toward the ground as the trunk is formed. At its base, the trees point downward and fade into nothingness, seeming to almost levitate from small pools of glowing water beneath them. It is currently unknown as to why they do this, or even how, but these trees are beautiful to see up close, however, in a forested scenario, they are almost intimidating. The leaves of these trees are ruffled and black in color, with bright green veins. The trunks are a mix of black and greens, and at the very bottom, it radiates an almost life-like essence, almost as if the tree itself was breathing regularly, syphoning oxygen from the water below to survive. The water here, though odd-tasting and odd-looking, is drinkable and actually quite good for consumption and nutrient absorption.

Being as though Nhileria is a very abstract environment, its ground level is almost barren, with very little to no plant-life, but its grass is almost mind blowing in color. An extremely bright mint-green hue scatters among the ground, and when sunshine does break through the canopy above, it makes the grass almost shimmer. As such, it has been called shimmergrass, and is actually a quite common material in clothing found in clan nobility located on the continent. What small creatures do live here are hunted for food by the Adventurers or citizens who live in the small tribes scattered throughout the isle. There is but only one select predatory land animal to worry about here, and that is a creature known as Kethend Kaldaka, a bright white wolf species that is quadruple the regular size of a dire wolf. With jaws of steel, muscles of iron and claws like razors, this creature has become the worlds most accomplish land predator to date. There is a beautifully placed gem that grows naturally on the direct center of the forehead of a Kethend Kaldaka, which, when hunting, glows brightly with a blue aura. This not only attracts prey, it also projects a special veil over the eyes of the wolf, enabling them to have extremely good night vision. It is said that if an individual should come into contact with one of these beasts alone, Adventurer or not, they should run. Fast.
Native Clans: ~

Veivrune: Veivrune is a continent formed initially by granite after molten granite poured to the surface from underwater super-volcanoes, which formed the base for the granite to build from after making contact with water and super-cooling. Over the course of time, the dry climate and lack of rainfall has caused sand to build up on the continent, turning the entire thing into a deserted wasteland of dune after dune of heat and hallucination. The sky is almost always clear here, with the occasional gray cloud appearing in the sky, casting a shadow down for a minute before disappearing and moving away from the sun, revealing the ever brutal heat radiating down from above. High winds are expected here, and as such, with little water sources aside from a few scattered fresh water rivers, dehydration is almost a guarantee if stranded or alone without knowing how to survive in nature.

There are actually two separate apex predators on this continent, one of which being dragon turtles known as Dracotortiose, which are exceedingly large spiked shell-backed turtles with many features resembling that of draconic descent. Finned and flared ears, clawed fins and rows of extremely sharp teeth, spiked natural body armor and a tail that hits like a train, this creature can swim and even move quite easily underneath sand. You can normally hear this monster coming though from its signature roar that sounds similar to a T-Rex. The second predator, and the only other predator big enough to tangle with a Dracotortiose, is the Sabre Wyvern. Roughly 1/4 smaller than the Dracotortiose, what the Sabre Wyvern lacks in its smaller size, it makes up for in its extremely devastating bite and mangling attacks. Capable of maintaining short bursts of air travel, this creatures limbs and forelimbs have been sculpted into the perfect running machine, and that coupled with teeth capable of breaking through the shell of a Dracotortiose, and you've got one big problem on your hands. When roaring, it sounds like a much deeper jaguar-like scream.

Draconia: Located directly in the middle of the planet, Draconia's beach and minor grass land borders are beautiful, and a quite liveable place for dwellers of the ground. But, more inland, the continent breaches into a mountainous structure in all directions, and just over their peaks, the entire world beneath them drops into seemingly endless nothingness. An enormously monstrous ravine hosts itself in the direct center of the continent, splitting it for what looks like hundreds of miles across, and even further down. One glimpse over this peak would feel like taking the gale brunt force of a F1 hurricane, as the thousands of dragons flying around below produce such powerful air currents that their flapping wings are heard almost three miles away out to sea. The Mother Dragon here, and the owner of the island, a fact which she has proved many times over; is an Eternium Dragon known as Chronogosa. It is said that by channeling her special arcane energy, Chronogosa has managed to take human form at will, when needed. She is currently the largest, and most dangerous, sky predator known in history. The Adventurers here have only been forced to tangle with her once, and that was during their arrival to Draconia almost sixty years ago. They initially encountered her and another sister Eternium Dragon named Kalestrasza out to sea, and fought to land eventually.

During the fight the Adventurers managed to slay Kalestrasza, whose bones now lay on the beach in memory of the massive attack and their treaty with the Mother Dragon. After Kalestrasza's Fall, Chronogosa, for some reason, allowed them to live and survive on her land, and told the individuals that both her and her dragons would not meddle in the world of man, so long as they agreed to not meddle in the land of dragons. Agreeing with her, a pact was made, and their contact has been separated ever since. The environment outside of the ravine is naturally affected by beach weather, things like high winds and light rain from time to time, but other than that, it is beautifully sunny. Surrounding the ravine, the clouds seem to pierce and break, the winds generated from the wings of the dragons below sending torrents of air that manifest and split the clouds above asunder constantly. As a result of this, the ravine remains unaffected by weather ailments. It is said that at the bottom of this ravine, there is a portal to another dimension.
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