The Clans of Théa

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The Clans of Théa

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Kaluatha - The Kaluatha, roughly translated to the Drinkers of Blood, were a savage, Orcish, tribal clan composed entirely of soldiers. Their uncivilized manners often earned them an unwanted reputation in more lawful civilizations, leading them to become an exile tribe in time. This included their ritualistic ways of desecrating the dead by draining the fallen corpse of its remaining blood supply, and ingesting it to gain some sense of enlightenment for spiritual power and a blessing of physical prowess.

They were often looked at as necromancers, warlocks, or, by some respects, demons or even undead. The orcs from this clan were both cunning and mercilessly powerful, as was proven as they had frequent battles and large scale wars with the Kharnzhia, nature magic wielding Humans from the south who followed a more suited code of magical expulsion.

The Kharnzhia went on to raid the main town of Castmound, initially slaughtering hundreds of unsuspecting civilians and Spellcasters alike through their brutally merciless and rudimentary way of barbarianism. After the 'Twelve-Year War' with the Children of Enia, the Kaluatha were repelled and forced back into the Northern Crater, at the tip of Théa's northern coast. They have not yet made their presence known to the new world.

Kharnzhia - The Kharnzhia, or The Children of Enia, were originally a southern Human clan of nature magic practitioners that lived on the southern coasts of Théa. Quickly realizing the lethal potential of their magic, they focused moreso on using it to promote more helpful means of survival instead of warfare and destruction. Mastering nature-based healing magic, essence harnessing and a special art of magic known was Dreamwalking, these highly intellectual magic users became the primitive authority on rest, relaxation, meditation and spiritual conscience.

When the Orcish Kaluatha Blood Drinkers and Bloodletters swarmed into their towns however, they were forced into 12 years of unwanted warfare. Eventually the most skilled Spellcasters of the time, led by a nature master named Saruno Kelusix-Enia, managed to repel the hordes of destruction coming toward them by activating a unique earth spell which summons giant ancient Ents from nearby trees to fight enemies off. Slow, but extremely physically strong, coupled with ancient healing magic, these creatures quickly overwhelmed and fought off the orcs, forcing them to the Northern Crater in isolation and exile from the Southern Peninsula.

Formally, the Children of Enia worship the prospective Green Dragonflight Goddess Enia, who visits them in their dreams and teaches them of ancient ways and magics. Enia is a green-tinted Agate-mirror scaled dragon, her physical form being ghostly, almost ethereal, like watching a dream or a vision. It is said she can come to the mortal realm, but, she lives inside of the literal dreamworld of all life. This plane of existence is known as the Ethereal Dream. From this plane, Enia, though her eyes are always seen closed, can see the actions of all lesser races. It is said the only the Children of Enia have managed to unlock access to this plane of existence, most believing it to be a mastered form of astral projection magic.

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