Items and Professions Rules

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Items and Professions Rules

Post by Ban on Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:26 pm

Professions System
Each individual can have up to 2 professions at once. Each level accounted for represents which level of rarity that is available for the professions to create. A level 1 armor smith cannot make a rare item until level 3, even if they possess 10 rare Item Shards. This directly corresponds with the Item System.

Armor Smithing: A blacksmith who creates armor out of Item Shards. Also a skilled miner or explosives expert who uses their skills to mine and gather raw minerals like rare precious metals and ore to melt for Blacksmithing purposes. This enables Mining.
Weapon Smithing: A blacksmith who creates weapons out of Item Shards. Also a skilled miner or explosives expert who uses their skills to mine and gather raw minerals like rare precious metals and ore to melt for Blacksmithing purposes. This enables Mining.
Enchanter: A scholar who blesses weapons or armor with Item Shards as a catalyst. This enables learning from Tomes.
Bindsman: An artisan leather worker who creates equipment and medium weight armor out of Item Shards. This enables Skinning slain animals.
Stitchmaster: An artisan tailor who creates equipment and light weight armor out of Item Shards. This enables Skinning slain animals. This enables First Aid.
Herbalist: A skilled individual who knows about exotic and basic plant/tree life, as well as basic information about creatures that are encountered. This enables Herb Gathering. This enables Dart creation.
Locksmith: A skilled rogue of sorts who specializes in picking locks on both found lock boxes as well as treasure chests or even secret doors found. This enables Lockpicking and Trap Finding.
Taskmaster: A master woodworker who creates wooden weapons like Staffs, Staves and Bows/Arrows.

CON (Constitution/Health Points)
INT (Intellect/Magic ATK)
WIS (Wisdom/Skill Capacity/Magic DEF)
STR (Strength/WPN DMG +)
AGI (Agility/Move Speed/Distance)
STA (Stamina/Energy Level)

Material System:

Uslian: Bright red color. Yields Constitution or Wisdom.
Prausten: Deep yellow Amber. Yields Agility.
Sliryium: Multicolored diamond. Yields any stat.
Chromium: Very heavy, multicolor steel. Yields Strength or Stamina.
Trienor: Matte white gem. Cloudy. Yields Wisdom.
Onyxia: Matte black with red inlays. Yields Constitution or Agility.
Mithril: Deep blue shine. Yields Strength.
Tesnamite: Golden hue. Bright shine. Yields Agility or Stamina.
Titanite: Bright orange gem with red highlights. Yields Strength.
Sacrium Ephes: glowing silver. Yields Intellect, Wisdom or Stamina.
Red Coralite: Red metallic coral. Yields Strength.
Yellow Coralite: Yellow metallic coral. Yields Stamina.
White Coralite: White metallic coral. Yields Agility or Wisdom.
Blue Coralite: Blue metallic coral. Yields Strength or Consitution.
Green Coralite: Green metallic coral. Yields Strength.
Pink Coralite: Pink metallic coral. Yields Intellect or Wisdom.
Purple Coralite: Purple metallic coral. Yields Wisdom.
Orange Coralite: Orange metallic coral. Yields Stamina or Agility.
Rainbow Coralite: Bioluminescent glowing metallic coral. Yields any stat.
Black Coralite: Black metallic coral. Yields Consitution, Intellect or Wisdom.
Alchemist Metal: Shifted to any color depending on light. Yields any stat.

Wood Types:

- Majestic Beech: Yellow wood. Yields Consitution.
- Idrimmark: Brown wood. Yields Strength.
- Mercy's Sumac: Red and purple wood. Yields Intellect or Constitution.
- Eitranei: Bright green wood. Light green aura. Yields any stat.

- Desertwood: Light brown wood. Yields Stamina or Constitution.
- Oasicai: Light blue wood. Yields Agility or Intellect.
- Crawling Birch: Orange wood. Yields Wisdom or Strength.

- Queen's Willow: Royal purple wood with pink veins. Yields Strength or Stamina.
- Twisted Cypress: Red and yellow-spined wood. Yields any stat.
- Solar Aspen: Black wood with light white aura. Found at bottom of Dragon Alley. Yields Wisdom or Intellect.

- Twilight Rhododendron: Dark purple with pink aura. Yields Intellect, Wisdom or Consitution.
- Shadowood: Black wood with gray veins. Yields Strength or Stamina.
- Banshee Leaf: Bioluminescent wood with black veins. Yields any stat.
- Toxic Maple: Green and black-spined wood. Yields Agility or Strength.

- Frozen Cycad: Bright blue wood with white spines. Yields Constitution or Strength.
- Savage Vibernum: White wood with gray spines and veins. Yields any stat.
- Fjord Palmetto: Brown wood with white veins on trunk. Yields Agility or Stamina.

Cloth Types:
- Linen Cloth: Cheap tan-colored cloth. Yields Wisdom.
- Wool Cloth: More expensive white cloth. Yields Intellect.
- Silk Cloth: Blue, pink or red cloth. Yields Intellect or Wisdom.
- Earthweave Cloth: A lightly sparkling bright white or pink cloth. Yields Constitution or Intellect.
- Brutacloth: Cloth often worn by ogres, it is purple and embroidered with yellow gold inlays. Yields Stamina, Agility or Wisdom.
- Demonweave Cloth: Cloth worn by demonic spellcasters. Dark and red in tone. Yields Intellect.
- Flameweave Cloth: Cloth worn by fire practitioners. Yields Wisdom or Stamina.
- Skywool Cloth: Virtually weightless baby blue cloth. Yields Intellect or Constitution.
- Mooncloth: Bioluminescent glowing cloth, with white background colors. Yields any stat.

Leather/Hide Types
- Simple Hide: Standard color hides. Tans, browns. Yields Constitution or Agility. Lv1-3 Creatures.
- Light Hide: Intermediate color hides. Whites, brown+red mixes, oranges. Yields Agility or Stamina. Lv2-4 Creatures.
- Heavy Hide: Advanced color hides. Camoflauge, whites+grays, blacks, reds. Yields Strength or Wisdom. Lv3-5 Creatures.
- Thick Hide: Various color hides. Light blues, pinks, purples, yellows. Yields Intellect or Constitution. Lv4-6 Creatures.
- Rugged Hide: Distinct color hides. White+Golds, Red+Yellows, Blacks+Reds, Blue+Whites. Yields any stat. Lv5-7 Creatures.
- Demonhide: Very slick blacks and reds/purples. Yields Constitution, Strength or Intellect. Lv6-8 Creatures.
- Angelmane Hide: Very elegant whites, blues and yellow/golds. Yields Intellect, Strength or Agility. Lv7-9 Creatures.
- Shadowcat Hide: Pitch black or very dark blues. Yields Constitution or Wisdom. Lv8-10 Creatures.
- Wolfmane Hide: Wild grays, blacks, whites and light blue mixes. Yields Agility or Strength. Lv9-11 Creatures.
- Pristine Beast Hide: A hide unique to the monster killed. Yields any stat. Lv10+ Elite Creatures.
- Ankh Hornet Carapace: A hide unique to Veivrune's hornets. Yields Agility or Constitution. Any Veivrune Hornet.
- Ankh Queen Carapace: A hide unique to Veivrune's hornet Queen, Rainhanseto. Yields any stat. Veivrune Hornet Nest Queen.
- Dragon Hide: A hide unique to the dragon killed. Yields Constitution, Strength, Intellect or Agility. Any dragon.
- Eterniumhide: A hide unique to Chronogosa. Yields any stat. Chronogosa gift/loot.


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