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Guild Hall: The Guild Hall is a cross-continent establishment that caters to the needs and demands of all global members that are part of any registered Guild. It is in this area that you will be able to call for, and assemble, rallies for a Guild Raid. A Guild Raid is a monster raid that only members of a guild can participate in. Also, a Guild Bank is present in any Guild Hall located on any continent, and this Guild Bank interconnects with every Guild Hall on any continent at any time. This means that if you were to store a sword on Imira, you can retrieve it on Veivrune as long as you still belong to the Guild.

Circle of Magi: The Circle of Magi is a magician-based league of scorcerers who are comprised of the global magic-related Guilds of the Earth. This includes the battalions of magisters from each independant nation located on each continent. What selfless individuals have managed to unite under the one flag of The Circle of Magi combat the evils of magical uprising, such as Necromancy, and they work endlessly to defeat enemies who practice other Unholy ritualistic spells. Just as Guild Hall's hold Guild Raids, The Circle of Magi however sells Enchanting Scrolls they create over time through research and dedication. These can range from basic Level 1 enchants, all the way to powerful ancient imbuements. This is where Enchanting will be carried out by all practitioners of the profession. Scrolls can cost anything from material items, profession materials or even a quest.

Blacksmith: Blacksmiths produce objects such as gates, grilles, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils and weapons. It is in this Blacksmith building that all tasks related to Armor Smithing and Weapon Smithing will be carried out. While there are many people who work with metal such as farriers, wheelwrights, and armorers, the blacksmith had a general knowledge of how to make and repair many things, from the most complex of weapons and armor to simple things like nails or lengths of chain.

Stables: The Stables is a rather moderately sized building that houses all mounts that any roleplayer has acquired. This acts similar to the Guild Hall Bank, in which you can store and retrieve any mount on any continent at any time. The cost of purchasing a Stable spot is Uslian x2.

Nature Temple: The Nature Temple is where one would go to worship Enia, if the roleplayer or NPC was a Child of Enia, a person who follows the laws and guidances set upon them by Nature itself. Praying here for 7 Days will result in gaining the Nature Elemental Affinity for Spells. However, this will also result in a Religion change, and the user must worship at this temple once per week for the rest of their life. A missed prayer results in a loss of the Nature affinity, and the user would have to repeat the initial 7-day process.

Church of Light: The Church of Light is a place where Priest's, Priestess` and Paladin's may go to pray to their Gods of Light in return for being blessed with the power of Light. Using this power, the users of the Light Affinity do as much as possible to exterminate death from the face of each continent. Desperately trying to combat the forces of demonic evil, the Church of Light had eventually asked the Circle of Magi for assistance, due to their extensive experience in dealing with misfortunes of the Undead on their own. Many agents of the Church are actually in fact trained, and stationed, in and outside of Circle of Magi establishments.

Locksmith Shop: A Locksmith Shop is where Rogues may operate out of for shady dealings or picking lockboxes found while traveling. Depending on the rarity of the lockbox found will determine how difficult it will be to open. For example, if the item name is "Lockbox: 1", it will be a Lockbox that contains a Rarity 1 Item, or Common Item and would require Lockpicking I to open. If it were to be named "Lockbox: 4", it would be a Lockbox that contains a Rarity 4 Item, or Epic Item and would require Lockpicking IV to open.

Shipyard: The Shipyard is where docks will be stationed, and may often be the spot for Questing or buying and selling from/to the Intersea Trading Company. Additionally, this is also where Taskmasters will be able to create and forge ships. In order to make a small ship, capable of transporting 3 people, you must have x5 of any Wood, x3 of any Metal, and x2 of any Cloth. To create a medium ship, capable of transporting 6 people, you must have x10 of any Wood, x6 of any Metal and x4 of any Cloth. In order to make a large ship, capable of transporting 12 people, you must have x20 of any Wood, x12 of any Metal and x8 of any Cloth. In order to make a Galleon, which can transport 24 people, you must have x40 of any Wood, x24 of any Metal and x16 of any Cloth. You can fit up to four stationary weapons on a Galleon.

Hideout: A Hideout is a place strictly where Rogues, who are Fences, buy, sell and trade goods illegaly obtained, either through stealing, forgery or otherwise. Only people who are introduced to the Hideout by an NPC Fence can enter or do business within a Hideout. Any individual spotted near a Hideout without being a Hideout member will likely be attacked by scouts.

Sawmill: A Sawmill is a place where most, if not all, Taskmaster-related activity will take place. Anything related to Woodworking will/must be done here. You can create anything from plywood-like sheets of wood for walls, all the way to roofing and crates for trade.

Dungeon: A Dungeon is an area that is strictly meant for Dungeon-Running. In order to run a Dungeon, you must have at least 4 pieces of Equipment on that reflect the Dungeon Level of the Dungeon you are trying to enter. Example: If you want to enter a Dungeon named "Masquerade Hollows - 3", it is a Level 3 Dungeon, and you must have at least 4 pieces of Equipment of Level 3 Rarity (Rare Quality). Dungeons are carried out accordingly: Firstly, the party (1-4) enters the dungeon. Secondly, the Administrator or Mod presents a condition of battle (by inserting Monsters to combat). The party will carry on to fight the creature through the W/C requirement on the creature to overwhelm it. Once all creatures are defeated, the Administrator will again prompt another fight. After this 2nd fighting phase, the party will post traveling to the Boss Room, a description of which will be provided by the Administrator or Mod overseeing the Dungeon run. After this entry post by the party, the Administrator will present the Boss Fight Conditions, and the fight will begin in a Post-By-Post manner, in which the party engages the Administrator/Mod acting as the Boss in an actual PvE fight.

Raid: A Raid is an area that is strictly meant for Raiding. In order to run a Raid, you must have at least 4 pieces of Equipment on that reflect the Raid Level of the Raid you are trying to enter. Example: If you want to enter a Raid named "The Fall of Archimedes - 6", it is a Level 6 Dungeon, and you must have at least 4 pieces of Equipment of Level 6 Rarity (Artifact Quality). In this instance, there are 4-8 Party members, and they will all band together to fight a World Boss being roleplayed by an Administrator or Moderator.

Marketplace: A Marketplace is where anyone can go to buy, sell and trade items/materials/armor/weapons/enchants/etc. Anything that is considered a non-Soulbound object can be traded in these areas.

Living Quarters: This small, rather quaint, living quarters is an abode built from walls of wood or stone. It comes equipped fancily with a fireplace, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a foyer and a living room. Additionally, you can opt to have an Armory built on to the home to store your weaponry and armor.

Greater Living Quarters: This much larger version of the smaller 'Living Quarters' features stone walls, heated stone flooring, two fireplaces, four bedrooms, a foyer, a living room, a kitchen, an Armory and a hidden vault stored under lock and key. Only the owner of a home can gain access to a Home Vault, and this lock cannot be picked.

Mining Outpost: A Mining Outpost is an area that is strictly dedicated to mining and refining ores or other metal-influenced substances such as crystals or diamonds. Generally, all metals can be found in all mines throughout the world, being as though each continent was conjoined at one point in time.

NPC Castle: An NPC Castle is an area guarded by soldiers hired by an NPC town, which accordingly surrounds the castle. These guards are known as Honor Guardians, and are considered Elite Creatures. Due to this, they are more difficult to defeat, but yield better Experience Rewards and Item Drops than normal creatures.

Tailoring Academy: A Tailoring Academy is an area that pertains to any task related to Tailoring, or those who take up the Profession of Stitchmaster.

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