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Leveling Up

Post by Ban on Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:52 pm

"Leveling Up"

Here on Divinity Quest we use a leveling system using experience. Every character starts out at level 1 and as they gain experience they grow more powerful gaining levels once they hit a certain amount of experience. How do you gain experience? Well that's simple. The easiest way to gain experience is to search and defeat creatures. Each type of creature yields its own pre-determined amount of experience decided upon it's creation. Defeating creatures, however, is only one way of earning experience. You can also earn experience from visiting new areas for the first time as well as visiting a new continent and even performing actions related to your profession. Of course all the experience you gain must be kept track of on your stat page. Remember, your experience directly effects what level you are and it is your job to make sure your stat page reflects your correct level and current amount of experience so don't forget to keep your stat sheet updated. Now, below you will find different tables and more in depth explanations to the experience you gain for completing the different tasks mentioned above.

Defeating Creatures

The experience gained from creatures is pretty simple. Each unique creature yields their own pre-determined experience. For example a level 3 giant spider may yield 100 exp when killed while a level 3 dragon may yield 200 exp. The experience you gain from defeating creatures is not only determined by their unique registry but also on how their level corresponds to the level of your character. If you defeat a monster of a level lower than your own the experience gained from it is halved rounded up. This means that if you are a level 5 and defeat a level 3 baboon which would normally yield 75 exp it would instead yield 38 experience. When defeating a creature of the same level as your character you will receive the full amount of experience listed on that creature's creation page. When you defeat a creature of higher level than your character, you gain the full amount of experience listed on their creation page +5 exp for every level higher it is than your character. This means that if you are level 5 and you defeat a level 7 dragon that normally yields 350 exp, you would instead gain 360 experience since it was two levels higher than your character.


Here on Divinity Quest you gain experience for exploring new areas. For each new area you visit you gain 50 experience. Keep in mind you only get the experience when you visit an area for the first time. This means that the first time you visit the Dragon's Ravine on Draconia you will gain 50 experience but any time you visit the Dragon's Ravine after that you will not gain any experience. You also gain experience for visiting a new continent for the first time. Because of the difficulty of moving from continent to continent you will gain 350 experience every time you visit a new continent for the first time. Again, this means that if you start on Thea and make your way to Nhileria you will gain 350 experience, but if you make your way back to Thea you will not gain any experience since you have already visited that continent.


You will also gain a certain amount of experience for performing duties related to your profession. This means that every time you find raw materials, craft weapons, items or armor you will gain a certain amount of experience. For each raw material you find that is related to your profession you will gain 10 experience. This means that if you are a blacksmith and you find 3 iron ore you will gain 30 experience.  For each item, weapon or armor you create you will gain 20 experience and then another +10 experience for each level above your character level that your profession is. This means that if you are level 10 and you are a level 15 blacksmith and you create a sword you will gain 70 experience since your blacksmithing level is 5 levels higher than your character level.

PvP(Player vs Player)

Even though we encourage working together as players to defeat creatures, trade goods and services and complete certain tasks together, we acknowledge the fact that sometimes player against player fights will happen. In such a case that you find yourself fighting another player you will be granted a certain amount of experience if you win. When fighting another player character there are two ways you can gain experience. The first way is to kill the other character. If you manage to kill another player character you will be awarded experience equal to their current level. This means that if you manage to defeat and kill a level 3 player character you will gain 225 experience. The second way to gain experience from a fight with another player character is to be the clear winner in the fight without killing the character. If this happens you will be granted experience equal to half the experience at their current level rounded up. This means that if you manage to defeat a level 3 player character without killing them you will gain 113 experience instead of 225.

Experience to Level Ratio

Every level corresponds to a certain amount of experience. Every character starts at level 1 with 100 experience. Each level after one is equal to the experience of the previous level times 1.5 up to level 15 and 1.1 for every level after that. If you're like me and not too good at math don't worry. We have laid out a table for you detailing exactly how much experience is needed for each level. The table is listed as follows:

Level 1: 100 total exp
Level 2: 150 total exp
Level 3: 225 total exp
Level 4: 337 total exp
Level 5: 506 total exp
Level 6: 759 total exp
Level 7: 1,139 total exp
Level 8: 1,708 total exp
Level 9: 2,562 total exp
Level 10: 3,844 total exp
Level 11: 5,766 total exp
Level 12: 8,649 total exp
Level 13: 12,974 total exp
Level 14: 19,461 total exp
Level 15: 29,192 total exp
Level 16: 32,111 total exp
Level 17: 35,322 total exp
Level 18: 38,854 total exp
Level 19: 42,740 total exp
Level 20: 47,014 total exp
Level 21: 51,715 total exp
Level 22: 56,886 total exp
Level 23: 62,575 total exp
Level 24: 68,833 total exp
Level 25: 75,716 total exp
Level 26: 83,288 total exp
Level 27: 91,617 total exp
Level 28: 100,778 total exp
Level 29: 110,856 total exp
Level 30: 121,942 total exp

Keep in mind this is the total amount of experience needed for each level. This is why it is very important to keep track of your total experience on your stat page. Please, if you have any questions to feel free to message any member of staff and they will be glad to help you.


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